February 18, 2014

Winter Song Favorites {2014}

Okay so I am not really quite sure why my obsession with country is flourishing right now but it is.  I have no explanation but I am not going to hide it.  I cannot stop listening to country Pandora and creating Spotify playlists.  I think it might be the fact that they all talk about the warmth of summer time and just hanging out and that is something that I really want to do right now.  I am so sick of the snow like its getting absurd.  The mountains in parking lots need to disappear and the number of times I have almost fallen is getting to be more than the number of fingers I have.  

I want Spring Break and Summer right now!  But instead, I am live vicariously through the words of country songs to make me happy.  I mean Luke Bryan's album titles just get me everytime: Tailgates and Tanlines; Spring Break...Here to Party.  Do I need to explain much more than that!?  Also, every single on of Eric Church's songs on his new album would be on this playlist if Spotify would just put it up already (arrg!)  If you don't like country then I apologize for this post but I might be doing another one soon about some of my other current song faves!

Happy listenting!

February 14, 2014

Happy February 14th!

Hope you all have a great day!  I know that today is technically Valentine's day but I am not a fan of the "holiday."  And no its not just because I don't have a special someone to share the day with (although maybe that would be nice haha!)  Its mainly because I don't really see the point of naming a special day of the year to show your love to people.  Why can't we just do it all the time?  Maybe that's just me being my Negative Nancy self but still, its a Hallmark Holiday I never will understand.  That doesn't mean that I don't wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!  

If you are lucky enough to have a special someone tell them how much you care about them over and over again.  Also, call your parents.  That's what I do.  Tell them how much you love them.  I think that a problem with Valentine's day is that most people think you can only celebrate the day if you have a significant other.  But I think that telling everyone around you how much you love them is just as good!  Anyways, enjoy the day to the extent that you wish!!  And just know that I love all of you!!


February 12, 2014

TV Time: Pretty Little Liars 4x05

So here is the first installment of my TV rant series.  I will find a better name for it as TV Time is extremely lame but it's all I could think of for the moment.  So if you have any suggestions (please do!!) I would love to hear them!

For the first one I thought I would talk about one of my all time favorite shows...Pretty Little Liars.  I just watched last night's episode (7/9/2013) called Gamma Zeta Die.  **Spoilers ahead**  I don't know about you guys out there but I think the last few PLL episodes haven't been as good as they can be.  There are really only two main stories going on, the Parrot Tippi and the phone number, and Hanna's mother killing Wilden.  All the other minor lines aren't that important and are more or less kind of annoying (hello Emily's parents abusing her...like what?!)

Is Mrs. Marin a killer? Hanna is the biggest idiot of all times.  First off, taking a potentially stolen gun from your mom's closet and then bringing it to a sorority house partay...yikes!  And then you decide its a brilliant idea to try to bury it in the middle of (what month is it even in Rosewood?) when the ground is probably really hard.  You probably deserve being arrested just out of the sheer stupidity of that plan.  Also, I don't quite understand why Spencer never told the girls what Melissa said about Wilden.  It might have made Hanna less paranoid knowing that maybe Melissa killed Wilden and not her mom.  I really don't think Mrs. Marin killed Wilden but she sure is hiding something!  What do you think is up with Hanna's mom?

So the girls are thinking about college?  Why was this like first episode where there was any mention of the girls going to college?  We always heard about Spencer wanting to go to UPenn and Emily Stanford but not a peep from either Aria or Hanna.  We still don't know much about what Aria wants to do with her next 4 years but we do know (finally) that Hanna wants to attend FIT.  Does anyone else find Brandon the college counselor a little suspicious?  I mean he shows up out of no where and hangs out at college parties like its no big deal...hmmm sketchy if you ask me for a so-called college advisor to go to a college partay with the person he is supposed to be advising.

Tippi the damn parrot!  In this episode Emily and Spencer take a college visit to Cicero College where they hope to find the number that Tippi was singing and Emily hopes to make connections to help her get a scholarship to the school.  Spencer is showing Allison's picture to all the guys she meets in hopes of finding "boy shorts (Allison's hottie boyfriend from the summer she was killed)"  She then realizes that Emily is missing and on her hunt to find her she stumbles across a creepy, and I mean CREEPY back room in the sorority house.  Here she finds the phone that Allison was calling.  In my mind this looked like the type of room that a kidnapper would hold his kidnappee or like a torture chamber or something.  Whatever this room was it was not normal.  Spencer also found what looked like claw marks on the walls (someone trying to escape maybe?)  My thoughts:  This is where Alli's twin was kept because she was crazy.  I don't know but it must have some sort of connection with the hold house mother Carla Grunwald!  Also, wasn't there some connection between Cece and Cicero College?  Hmmmm the clues keep coming yet we still are left questioning!!!

Who is A?  As of right now I am still sticking with the whole Allison's twin thing but hey, we never know with these producers!

Let me know all of your guys' theories on what's happening with PLL.  I would love to hear all of your ideas because it helps me figure things out too!  Are there any other shows you would like me to watch or comment on, let me know!!

What's on my iPhone?

I am addicted to my phone.  I cannot go anywhere without it.  And if I don't have it, I feel empty.  Even if I'm not using it I just need to have it in my hand or something because it has literally become an extension of arm.  I digress.  I've seen these on YouTube a lot but I thought I would post mine on here.  I have a white, iPhone 5 and the background is a gold sparkle chevron.

The first and second screens of my iPhone looks like this:

As you can see, I organize all of my apps into different groups.  On the second page I have all the apps that I never really use.  And I HATE how you cannot put Newsstand in a group.  I don't want it let me delete it or at least hide it!!

Now I shall delve into each category:

 Here is where I have my most used apps and social media!  I just have the basic ones.


 This is where I have just some helpful apps that I use.  Weather, maps, flashlight, etc.  By the way, if any of you are students, I highly recommend Flashcardlet.  Its a great flashcard app that you can use on the go! I was my life saver senior year of high school!  So is Dropbox, you can easily get your documents from anywhere it is amazing.
Now I'm not much of a gamer but I do have a few.  While this may seem like a lot to some I know people that just have pages and pages of games.  To me games just take up too much space for other things that I would rather have.  I'll just point out a few of my faves that I have.  First, OvenBreak.  Basically you are trying to get a gingerbread man out of the oven.  Its super addicting and I love it!  Clue is my favorite board game and the app is also fun (but really hard when you get to higher levels).  Monopoly...enough said!!  I used to be a Tiny Tower addict but eventually I knew I had to stop otherwise I would never leave my house and would always be counting down hours until the next item loaded.  Lep's World is ah-mazing and I was crazy addicted until I beat all the levels!  And as a fair warning, I don't really like Candy Crush (sorry).  Life is my new favorite game.

 This is by far my most favorite of all my app groups!  To say I'm addicted to editing my photos for Instagram and such is an understatement.  For this one I'll tell you mainly what I use each app for because let me tell you, I do actually use them all!!  Photostudio is mainly for brightness, contrast, and basic stuff like that.  Picfx has tons of filters and is the app gives you all the best light effects (hello Boca!!)  PicFrame is exactly what it sounds like, the best app in my opinion for collages.  BeFunky is one fo the ones that I don't use that much but it has more filters.  Over I use for adding text to my images.  Pixlromatic is yet again more filters.  Vintique is also more filters but why I like Vintique is you can add filters on top of each other and adjust how strong the filter appears.  I've never actually used Split Pic because wellI've found th perfect opportunity to but it looks awesome.  Basically it lets you take multiple pictures of yourself in one photo and blends it all together.  It's hard to explain but I seriously suggest you all check it out! And FxCamera is more filters again!

I don't really use this grouping all that much.  I use Flixster for movie times and YouTube for well...YouTube.  The two DownMan's have movies that I downloaded on them for long car rides or flights when i don't want to bring out my laptop and such.  And the CW and ABC Family apps have episodes of TV shows I like on them in case I missed one and want to watch on the train or whenever.

Pretty basic stuff here.  Pandora and Spotify for when my own music doesn't quite cut it.  LyricFind because I love learning the lyrics to songs.  And Shazam because you never know when you might want to know the name of a random song you hear.

Yes I realize I have two groups called Social.  but they are very different types of social in my opinion.  The first one is more social media and this one is more website based and stuff.  I know that sounds very similar because like Facebook and Twitter are websites but they are different okay (as I try to convince myself!) So I have Pinterest and Wanelo to get my fashion and stuff.  IMDB because you just never know.  Kindle for reading my books on my phone.  Bloglovin' and Blogger for my newest addiction.  And finally, Cluster, a photo sharing app where all your friends can upload photos to one album.  This is a great app that I suggest you all get!

Exactly what the title says these apps are.  The lame ass apps that Apple puts on your phone that they don't let you delete.  The only actually helpful app that I like on here is Find iPhone.  Everyone needs to get this app because it is seriously the bestest invention ever and it actually works!!! I lost my phone at orientation and tracked it with this app and it actually found my phone.  I was literally in awe of how awesome this app worked.  It plays sound even if your phone is on silent like mine was.  I love this app!!  Also, I don't use Safari because I just don't really like it.  I prefer the Google Chrome app because it looks nicer and syncs up with my Chrome on my laptop.

If you guys have any apps that you love please let me know.  I am becoming once again an app junkie and love simply browsing the app store.  Thanks for reading! 

Texting woes

Does anyone else have serious texting problems?  I just never know what to say and when the conversation gets dull I literally fall apart.  It also may not help that I'm not really good at real life talking conversations because I get all tongue tied and never know what to say and hate awkward silences and yeah.  Anyways, texting should be easier because you don't have to actually be in close quarters with the person but i feel like its worse.  Every word you text is so much more easily scrutinized because the reader can stare at it longer and they have longer times to process it.  Awkward breaks in the conversation filled with even more awkward "yeahs" or "oks."  When ever I don't know what to say in response to something i always resort to "haha" or "lol" or "yeahh."  Also, starting conversations isn't the greatest thing either.  Do you just come out and say what you want or do say "Hi" and ask them how their day is going?  And then, never knowing when a conversation is actually over or if it is yet another awkward pause.

Maybe I'm just a really bad texter but does anyone else feel this way too?

I work out...

Just kidding, I nap (**I love this tshirt on wanelo!)

Anywhos, I have a serious love hate relationship with working out.  I love the way my body feels after working out.  You can tell that you have done something really good for your body and you just feel so proud of yourself afterwards.  However, there are those times when your body hates you after a workout and you are in pain for weeks.  The main problem I have with working out is motivation.  I think this is most people's too but I just can never seem to get up and go to the gym or go out for a run.  Every summer i say I am going to work out every day and get in really good shape but my plan ALWAYS fails and I end up spending the majority of the summer in bed watching TV (oops).  So now as I start college this September I also tell myself that I will work out more.  This seems more realistic to me because I will have way more time (or so I think) to do things that I want but we shall see.  I will keep you all updated on how my workout adventures go!

On a side note, while working out and I have become major frenemies workout clothing and I are becoming the best of friends.  I don't know if subconsciously I think that buying cute workout gear will make me want to go to the gym more but I can't stop my newest obsession to leggings and 1/4 zips.  Everything ranging from bright neons to the blacks and greys is catching my attention lately.  And if you've read my last post you know that I'm currently on a no-buy.  To say I'm struggling is an understatement.  Why is workout gear so freakin' adorable?!  There is a Nike outlet and Under Armour outlet store right buy wear I live and I am trying so hard to resist the urge to drive up there to take a peak.  However, my newest favorite place to get workout clothing is actually from Gap.  I know this sounds a little unexpected but their stuff is actually quite amazing.  I just bought a pair of cropped leggings from them and they are really good quality and haven't stretched out yet after quite a few wears.  Their stuff is priced pretty reasonable too and they are constantly having great sales!

Where are your favorite places to buy workout gear?  What motivates you to go to the gym?

A TV Confession: White Collar {5x13}

Wow I cannot believe there have been 5 seasons of White Collar.  I love this show so much and think it is heavily underrated.  I never really hear too many people talking about it or getting that much buzz anywhere so I am going to change that!  This show is the freaking bomb!  There I said it.  Neal Caffrey may o rmay not be the best male character in a TV show like ever.  Also, his style is phenomenal!  I have a crush (big time!).  Also, my obsession with Matt Bomer might be a little creepy... not gonna lie.

Any ways, for all of those who watch the show, that season finale!!  ** SPOILERS AHEAD**  The whole time I am praying that Mozzie doesn't die because he is the comical relief of the show and like the cutest thing ever.  Meanwhile my pure hatred for Rebecca (or whatever her name is) only grows because how could she hurt Neal that much, clearly she doesn't actually love him.  And then when they actually did find the Hope diamond I really wanted it for myself even though I knew that wasn't an option.  The con they played on Rebecca was brilliant and Neal outsmarts the bad guys once again.

The future plays a big role in this season and especially in the finale.  Neal wants his freedom and wants to stop being a con man.  He wants to figure out who he really is as a person and move on with his life (heart melts).  Peter is moving away to Washington D.C. to become some big shot at the F.B.I.  And even though you really want to happy for Peter because this job is awesome, and no matter how much you want Neal to be a good guys, you know its just not going to happen.  Neal has to be a con man because its what makes the show oh-so-devine and Peter being a field officer is bad ass and the two working together... no words.

That's when Neal's deal to have his sentenced released and be anklet-free is denied and Peter decides to stay in New York.  All hopes are looking good, except that both characters are angry, hurt, and filled with revenge.  We however have a plot for another season, always a plus.  I was perfectly content with leaving the season off there: Neal wanting to flee because he still has to work with the F.B.I and Peter wanting revenge for not letting Neal off.  That's when the ball dropped, NEAL WAS KIDNAPPED!  Like actually what the f****!  Not expecting that at all!  This was the most out of the blue crazy ending ever.  It made my heart race with fear for Neal as well as Peter.  Peter is going to thing that Neal is running (because he takes of his anklet) when he was actually kidnapped!  OMG I cannot wait for next season!

I have absolutely no idea what it is going to be about or where they are going to go from there but that doesn't mean I am excited.  I am very pleased with this season (plot line, ending, everything) that I am looking forward to the next one.  Except for the fact that I have to wait ages and ages but still.  

Do you guys watch White Collar and if so what did you think of the season finale?  Do you have any other favorite shows that I should know about and watch?


February 11, 2014

Olympics 2014

So I'm kind of a crazy person when it comes to the Olympics.  I know what you're thinking right now, "Annie, what does that even mean to be crazy about the Olympics?"  Oh my gosh that was such a great question let me tell you... I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!  Like to the extremes.  If you think I am kidding you are sadly mistaken.  The Olympics are my life because who doesn't want to watch a week devoted to watching sports.  Like I can't think of a better week of my life.

I get Olympic updates on my phone and am constantly checking up on whose winning what and who is in the lead with the most golds (#USA). When I was home, the TV was constantly airing some sort of Olympic coverage but here in college it has been somewhat of a struggle... I don't have a TV!  I know right, sadness.  So I've been mooching of friends and relying very heavily on Twitter updates.

My favorite winter sports are definitely ice skating, luge, bobsledding (Cool Runnings FTW! haha), and HOCKEY!!!  Now in case you didn't already know this I am also a crazy hockey fan.  I think I might be more obsessed with Hockey than the Olympics.  I can tell you everything you need to know about the best sport on the face of the planet.  I know I'm a girl who likes hockey... weird right?  Actually not really because my dad and older brother are also crazy fans so I was corrupted at a young age!  So men's hockey starts Thursday and I don't think I can be more excited.  Except the problem with hockey in the Olympics is that the majority of the players come from the NHL (National Hockey League) so while I am USA all the way it's hard not to be bit biased when it comes to other teams too...  I hate not being home for the Olympics because its big in my family and we watch all the hockey games together :(

Also, the fact the this year the Olympics are in Sochi is kind of hysterical.  Is it just me or is @SochiProblem on Twitter not the best thing ever.  The shit (excuse my French) that is happening over there is unbelievable.  I highly recommend that you go check it out if you want to laugh your head off for an extended period of time.  I mean like who puts two toilets in the same room with no wall dividing them?  Oh yeah Sochi does!  haha

Hope you all are having a great Olympic experience!  What are some of your favorite events or traditions that you do with either friends or family?

February 2, 2014

Hell Week!

So I just had one of the worst weeks ever.  It was crazy stressful and there wasn't a minute of free time.  But here's the crazy thing, I loved every single minute of it.  I think that shows that while something may be incredibly stressful and tedious and long and tiresome, if you love doing it then it will be totally worth it in the end!

Basically this week consisted of me running all around campus with different meeting and clubs.  I would leave my dorm at 8 in the morning and I wouldn't step foot back in my dorm until 9 at night.  There was so much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it all.  However, I really learned a lot about myself this week.  I learned that I can do it.  No matter what life wants to throw at my I can make it through.  

I also learned that If I really love something that I don't care if I have to go to tons of meetings or work on it all hours of the day.  I think that once you find something that you really enjoy doing then you'll do whatever it takes to keep doing it.  Now that I have found things that I love doing here in college, I know that eventually I will find something that will make me just as happy once I get out of college.  While I still have absolutely NO idea what I want to do after my four years here are over, and that stresses me out like a crazy person sometimes, I know that eventually I will get there.  And I will keep trying new things and grab every opportunity given to me until I find something that I love with so much joy and passion that I don't care if I have to do it for days.  The second I start dreading to do my work is the second I know that it isn't for me.

And while I still have a long way to go in my live, considering I am only 19 with very little life experience, I know that there is a future and to keep dreaming towards it.  It the hellish weeks and the stressful times that ultimately help guide you through life.


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