August 27, 2014

Packing Tips

I have started packing for my sophomore year of college and I am completely stressed out.  You never realize how much stuff you own until you have to move it all half way across the country.  The hardest part about moving to college is that you really never know what you might need.  For example, I have to pack a few pairs of shorts because I know for a fact that these next few weeks are going to be insanely hot in all the classrooms but then I also have to pack heavy winter gear.

It also makes it a bit challenging when you aren't sure if you are coming home for Thanksgiving or not.  I can't really leave too much at home then.  I am going to have my mom ship me a few things but it is still stressful.  With all the new regulations when it comes to flying you have a lot of things to take under consideration.  I would be less nervous if my bag was bordering the overweight line.  Last time I weighed it, it was 48.5 lbs.  

Also, you can only really check one or two bags because otherwise the fees are through the roof.  And you can only bring two carry ons so there is that to deal with as well.  I have a question for everyone out in the world who makes suitcases.  Why do you make the larger ones weigh more?  I mean, I buy the biggest suitcase I can and it already weight like 25 lbs... that means I can only put about 25 more pounds in it.  That is not a lot of clothes right there.  So by the time I get to the weight limit, there is still way more room in the suitcases.  It like tricks you to over pack it above the weight limit!  I don't understand.

I thought I would share a few tips that I have found over the years to help while packing.  I am definitely no expert and always over pack like crazy, but I am usually a good packer (except now when I am moving my entire wardrobe and life).

1. Roll your clothes || You think this is a gimmick and doesn't actually do anything but it does.  I swear I can cram way more in when my clothes are rolled.  Apparently it has something to do with reducing the amount of air in the suitcase.

2. Stuff your shoes || All of your underwear and socks can be put to good use.  Instead of letting them take up valuable space in the suitcase put them in your shoes.  Not only does this help keep the shape of your shoes, but it also uses every inch of available space.

3. Heavy items in the carry on || This is kind of your preference but it works well for me.  I always pack my shoes and anything very heavy in my carry on because those don't have a weight limit.  Keep lighter clothes and tshirts in the checked bag because you can add way more too it then!

4. Wear the bulkier items || If you plan on bringing sweatshirts and boots try and wear them to the airport.  Yes, I have been known to wear these items even if I am going to a warm climate because packing them is a b***h.  This is a great way to stay warm on the plane too because they can get really cold.  Its important though to not look like a complete slob.

5. Break things apart || I know that sounds odd but I mean it.  Don't pair two shoes right next to each other just because they are a pair.  Not all tshirts have to go in first.  I think its important to realize that its all about filling the spaces you see.  Its like a giant game of Tetris!

Packing is never easy nor fun but you can make it a bit less stressful.  Please let me know if you have any other packing tips to share with me because I could use all the help I can get right about now.  Oh college how you frustrate me and I'm not even back yet.


August 25, 2014

True Blood Series Finale

I am going to try and make this post pretty short because honestly I didn't really like this finale.  I wasn't even going to do a post about it but its the end of television era so I thought it had to be done.  The fact that this show has been running for 7 years makes me feel so old.  I started watching it maybe 5 years ago and loved it.  It definitely had some ups and downs along the way but the fact that it is now over is so sad.

**Spoilers ahead** This final season didn't have any crazy plot line except maybe the Hep-V vamps but it mainly focused on the closing the story lines of all the major characters.  I liked the endings for almost everyone except Tara, Alcide, and Bill because they all DIED!!!  Yes, Tara and Bill both died.  The biggest character of the entire show dies in this finale at the hands of Sookie.  Technically Bill commits suicide because he believes his time as a vampire is over and the only way Sookie will ever have a normal life is if he is not it.  Why he couldn't just move to Europe I don't know.

We find in a time jump at the end of the episode that Sookie meets a new man and is pregnant.  I am glad she is finally able to end up happy and have a life but its still so sad she and Bill didn't up together.  I hate how we never actually see the face of the person she ends up with but I guess it adds to the mystery.  Everyone else ends up with who they were with at the end of the season.  

Hoyt came back (YES!!) and married Jessica.  This was honestly the best part about the final season.  Hoyt might have been one of my favorite characters back in the day so I am glad he got a happy ending too.  And even Jason is married with 3 children.  Eric and Pam are off making billions with New Blood and seem to very happy.

All in all it was an okay series finale, nothing too exciting to write home about, but they did conclude everyone's story which was nice.  I hate how some shows leave out people or forget things but they did an amazing job and going back all 6 years before and tying up every loose end.  I am sad that True Blood is over and if you have never watched it I definitely recommend it.  Also, True Blood (along with True Detective) goes down as having one of the best intro theme song/rolling credits ever.  Keep doing bad things.


August 24, 2014

Kate Spade 2015 Gold Dots Agenda

I know I am a little late to the bandwagon but I wasn't going to buy this agenda for the longest time.  I convinced myself I didn't need it no matter how many times I saw other people Instagram or Blog about how amazing it is.  I couldn't justify buying a planner purely because it was Kate Spade and just because it had gorgeous gold dots and that me do cart wheels.  My frugalness kicked in and yelled at my to close the tab every time I added it to my cart to buy it.  

While I was doing my back to school shopping at Target (only the best place to do it ever!!) I couldn't find a single agenda I liked.  I know that may seem crazy but its true.  Maybe it was just the Target I was at but I looked high and low for a weekly agenda that didn't have hot pink flowers all over it and I simply could not find one.  I loved the one I got last year at Target so I was trying to find a similar one but the pickings were slim.

So I walked out of Target empty handed and on my home I saw yet another post about the Kate Spade Agenda.  Call it fate or good timing or even my bad luck but I took it as a sign that I was meant to have that gold dot planner.  I could have easily just gone to another Target or even an Office Max to find a planner but no, it was the perfect excuse to splurge.  

And now here I am lusting over the wonderfulness of this Kate Spade planner not wanting to write anything in it because it is just that pretty.  I just stare at it and think how beautiful it is and how much I can't wait to whip it out of my bag at school and have people look at its beauty.  Yeah #noshame.  While I cringed inside when I bought it because its a bit expensive (a lot!) I think its worth it.  Also, its 17 months so it lasts longer than a normal agenda.  The covers are also hard and not flimsy which is perfect to help keep the agenda in nice condition for much longer.  I am in love with the little quotes at the beginning of each month and really want to go read them all but am trying to save it so its a surprise at the beginning of the month!

If you are questioning whether or not to buy this agenda I would say just do it.  I mean you definitely don't need it at all.  There are plenty of other agendas out there in the world that are way cheaper and probably just as cute.  The only think I don't like is that the monthly views do not have lines on the days (its just an empty box) because it makes jotting information there a little more iffy.  I could also complain a tad bit that the sizes are annoying because the covers make the agenda way bigger than the actual pages.  But honestly I really like it and use a planner religiously so for me I think/hope it will be worth it.

What are some of your favorite planners/agendas?


August 23, 2014

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are my newest obsession.  I love how they take items that shouldn't go together and put them together to create something truly amazing.  The organized clutter of it all adds to the beauty.  I love how you can pair a deer head with a photo of you and best friends with your monogram and make it all look chic and sophisticated.  I think this is a great thing to do on a dorm wall because you can keep adding to it as the year goes on. 

So for this DIY I figured I would just show you some of my personal favorite inspirations because that is honestly the easiest way to pick up ideas on how to create your own.  There isn't too much needed except some amazing odds and ends you find and want to hang on your wall.  

I love this project is so personalized.  Literally you can take whatever you love or find at thrift stores or have lying around your house and it turn it into something amazing!  I personally think they look much better when the images are framed but you definitely don't need to.  I want to try this out in my room but can't really bring frames with me to college so I am just going to stick the images straight on the wall.  Please let me know if you love gallery walls as much as I do and what are some other DIY dorm decorating ideas that you love!


August 19, 2014

College Fashion Essentials

I brought 5 suitcases to school with me my freshmen year.  Yes.  I repeat.  5 suitcases.  A bit of an overkill and I ended up not wearing a lot of it.  To save you the misery of bringing your entire closet like I did (and a lot of money while we're at it) I thought I would share some of the essentials and other tips that I learned.

1. Don't bring 30 tshirts || I can absolutely guarantee that you will get more than a few of those basic tshirts during your first semester and you won't need as many as you need.  Plus, don't bring shirts that have your high school all over it because you are in college now so you should move on.

2. A blazer || Perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans for a night out but also important for any business meetings or interviews.  You have a last minute job interview and can't find anything to wear... adding a blazer is the perfect finishing touch.  Along these lines it couldn't hurt to bring a pencil skirt just in case too.

3. Chunky sweaters || This is a must especially if you live in colder climates.  I had to take a bus to class and these bad boys kept me extra warm while waiting at the bus stop in the middle of a snow storm or at night after a late meeting.

4. Dark denim || I'm not one for lighter wash jeans because I don't like that they aren't versatile.  Dark denim on the other hand can easily be worn during the day with tshirts and at night with a cute tank top and a pair of heels.  I only own super dark wash jeans or black jeans and wear them all the time.  Black jeans look exactly like black leggings but you feel a little more put together when wearing them.  The perfect thing to throw on when you are late to class.

5. Little Black Dress (LBD) || Another given but still something thats important that I thought I should still mention.  This is another very good day to night piece that works for many occasions.  Perfect for nights out with the girls, formals, or pair with a blazer for a nicer look.

6. Button downs || Whether it a be a chambray or a white button down these are my favorite thing to wear!  I think I'm obsesses with pairing them with skinny jeans and chunky circle scarves (I'm aldready dreaming of fall fashion).

7. Don't pack too many summer clothes || Sometimes people think that the warm weather will last longer than we hope.  However fall comes at the end of September so you probably don't need your entire summer wardrobe.  I know your slinky camisoles and high waisted booty shorts are perfect for the beach but not so much for walking around campus.  It's time to part ways and leave them at home.  Also, I would only bring like one bathing suit because you probably won't need it but its a back up.

8. Pack lots of underwear || Laundry in college is the worst.  The machines are old and gross and the entire process takes over two hours because you can never get a dryer when you need one and its just terrible.  To help you avoid that get tons of underwear and socks.  It helped me extend the amount of time between laundry days like no other.  Sign up to get mail from Victoria's Secret and you can get your free underwear every couple of weeks to help grow your stash!

The most important thing I can stress is to bring clothes that serve multiple purposes.  Don't just bring tops that will be good for going out at night but tops that can be worn for going out and also paired with a blazer for a class presentation.  I wish you all luck in your packing endeavors and if you are already at school then i hope your first couple of days have been amazing!


August 17, 2014

Stripes & Leopard

Leopard loafers are my favorite.  I bought this pair from Target two years ago (similar here) I think and they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn.  I wear them all the time in the nice weather and the second it is too cold to wear them it pains me to have to put them away for the winter.  

I have never been one for mixing patterns because the entire concept kind of scares me.  Mind you, I adore it on other people and am always shocked by how well they are able to pull of some wild mixing, ideas I would have never thought of.  Something about polka dots and floral patterns always look amazing on others but the second I try and put a look together I look like I stepped out of the 60s.  

The other day when I bought this striped top from Lou & Grey, I happened to be wearing my leopard loafers.  I fell in love with the look.  I couldn't quite place it but it was the perfect amount of pattern mixing for my taste.  I figured, start small and eventually I'll work my way up.  I love the idea of pairing a patterned accessory with a patterned top or bottom because it makes a much smaller statement.  I also added a pop of color with this foresty green Gilmore crossbody from Michael Kors.  

I have been wearing this look way more than I would like to admit and think it makes the perfect back to school look as well.  The loafers are super comfortable for walking around campus all day and it is a super relaxed look but still fashionable.  If you are hesitant to get into the mixing patterns trend I would definitely try starting small first.  It breaks up the pattern a bit and therefore the two won't clash!

What are some of your favorite ways to mix patterns?


August 16, 2014

Photos of the Week

After this week I have two more weeks before I head back to school.  So this week my family and I all went up to Wisconsin for one last mini vacation where we hung out by the pool, relaxed, and ate a ton of delicious food!  This as definitely a much needed chill vacay before these next two crazy hectic weeks.  With so many last minute appointments and errands to run I don't want this vacation to end.  However, all good things come to an end and then that means school is starting back up again!  I cannot wait to head back to campus but still don't want summer to end because that means winter is coming.

One of my favorite things about Door County, Wisconsin are all the beautiful rock formations and bluffs.  They line the water shore and are absolutely stunning.

I mean just look at this beauty of a sunset... ahhh.  Perfect!

Peaches with yogurt and granola are honestly the perfect snack.  Any fruit will do but peaches have been my latest obsession and I have probably eaten 3 at least in the past few days!

Confession: I don't really like cake.  It just hasn't ever been something that I liked very much no matter what flavor.  Pie on the other... a completely different story!  Any type of fruit pie is my favorite thing in the entire world.  My favorite pie flavor though is definitely Key Lime pie!!  And this one had a delicious raspberry drizzle #noms

So I saw this cool hair flip done by The Beauty Department a long time ago and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  All you do is take a video of flipping your hair while in the water and then pause at the perfect spot and you get this awesome mermaid flip thing.  I love it!

Hope you all had an amazing week :)


August 14, 2014


I'm sure if you all have been on any form of social media lately (mostly Facebook) then you have probably seen all the videos of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads.  The reason for this is to raise money for ALS (or Lou Gehrig's disease).  ALS is a "progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord." 

The Ice Bucket Challenge, which has been flowing around the web for a few months now is now being associated with this disease.  The campaign started from a Boston College Alum, Pete Frates.  Frates was a baseball player at BC who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012.  He nominated himself to participate in this challenge because ice water and ALS do not go hand in hand.  He then nominated a bunch of other people to participate in the challenge.

Being a current student at BC I have watched this thing grow pretty quickly.  From what first started out as just people from BC doing the challenge, to other friends, and now celebrities doing the challenge it is crazy how fast it has spread.  In this 2 week period in 2013, the ALS foundation raised about $27,000 where as in 2014 they have raised approximately $1.5 million.  This is incredible!  If none of you have done this challenge yet I nominate you to do so because it is for an amazing cause.  Please help spread awareness for this disease and donate to ALS.

August 12, 2014

Stay Gold

In middle school I read the book The Outsiders and fell in love.  Also the movie is pretty great too!  The best quote from the movie was "Stay Gold."  Johhny Cade said this to Ponyboy as he was dying.  True friends.  Basically the quote means that you should stay young and enjoy the world.  I think this is important to keep in mind before heading off to school or really any stage of your life.  You should take life seriously but never too seriously to not live and have fun.  Feel free to use this logo that I made as desktop wallpaper or for your phone or iPad.  You can also print it and frame for some more dorm decor!

Large Wallpaper || This one can be used for computer background or print and place in a nice frame.

iPhone Wallpaper (click here|| This is the perfect size to open on your iPhone or other phone.  I would recommend opening on your cell phone and then just saving it.

iPad Wallpaper (click here|| The perfect size for iPads!  

What are some of your favorite quotes?


August 11, 2014

Murder in the First {Season 1}

While making my tassel garland I needed a new show to watch.  Because nothing makes crafts better then mindless television in the background.  My parents and sister love the new show Murder in the First but I was very hesitant.  I definitely did not need a new show to add to my list.  But then it showed up in the iTunes free shows list and I figured it was a sign that I should start watching it.  It turned out being a great decision because the show is amazing!  Yet another detective show but still just as amazing.

Murder in the First centers around the detective duo of Hildy and Terry.  The entire first season focuses on two murders both with the same suspect: Eric Blunt.  Blunt just so happens to be the newest tech genius and is creating a new line of cell phones or something.  So throughout the season you, as a viewer, have to determine whether or not you think Blunt actually killed someone (his girlfriend) and/or whether or not the detectives can prove if he did so.

The show remind very much of a True Detective meets Castle type of show.  It's definitely not an HBO type of show with the raw-ness but you get the detective feel from Castle.  The type of plot line is also similar to that of True Detective.  They follow the same story line and case throughout the entire first season.  I think there were about 10 episodes (also similar to that of TD).  However, the relationship between the two main detectives remind me very much of Castle and Beckett's relationship (although less humorous).

Hildy and Terry are both amazing characters and each have a very unique background.  Terry's wife dies of cancer in I think the second episode so he is very torn up about that the entire season.  He finds that the best way he can cope is dive 100% into the Eric Blunt case.  Hildy on the other hand is divorced with a child.  being a single mother you see her battle her love of the law and her love of her daughter.  So each of these stories play a role in the season as well.

Eric Blunt is played by the Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy returns!!).  Honestly he just plays such an amazing villain its so hard to not like him.  The whole time he is some evil guy you just can't help but remember 12 year old Malfoy and it all disappears.  I can't picture him as ever playing a good guy.  Not complaining though... Felton is an amazing bad guy.

Now onto some of the interesting points of the show.  For of those of you who haven't watched this show yet I highly recommend starting it because it will definitely give you a good mystery for a good amount of time.  And if you have seen it, please keep reading and let me know what you think about some of the major events!  **SPOILERS AHEAD** 

I am mainly going to focus on the season finale because that was last night and it brought up a lot of mixed feelings for me.  We know that Blunt killed his girlfriend Cindy and we assume he also had is father killed.  After some fake wiretapping and maneuvering on the detectives part, they finally got Eric Blunt to confess to both murders.  However, he was already found not guilty for the murder of his girlfriend but not yet for the murder of his father.  After he got away with murder the first time I was practically screaming at the TV.  I always figured he did it but hearing him blatantly confess was a bit of shocker.  

Any who, my main problem with the season finale was the last few minutes.  Eric confesses to hiring someone to kill his father and then gets sent to prison.  There he finds out that every has left him.  He has no friends and no family left because they realize that he lied to everyone the entire time.  In the end, Eric hangs himself before his second trial can even begin.  While I get that they needed to show to end cleanly in 10 episodes I hate that he had to kill himself.  It just seems so not Eric Blunt that it actually annoys me.  He is such a cocky person that I think his ego would have prevented him from killing himself.

I think the second season will be focused on a completely new murder trial and investigation with a completely new suspect.  So I get why Blunt needed to be off the show but couldn't they do that with him just getting a life sentence in a high security prison where they would never hear from or see of him again?  Maybe this is just me but what do you guys think?  Did you think the ending was fitting for the show or just a cop-out from the writers?

Do you guys like this show?  Have any amazing shows I should watch, please let me know!


August 10, 2014

Things to Ship to School

I always dreamed of driving off to college in my own car and the back filled with boxes and suitcases.  I ended up going to school about 1,000 miles away from my home and I flew.  Let's just say it was not all that fun and packing was a nightmare.  I couldn't just fit everything into a car because most of it I couldn't actually bring with me.  I had to ship a lot of stuff to school and luckily I had a relative who lived near by who could take some packages.  Then when I got to school I had no car and no way of getting to the nearest Target or Container Store to get everything I needed.  Here is a list of things you should ship to your campus (or buy when you get there if you can) so you don't have to worry about packing them! 

1.  Feather Bed (and all other linens and towels) || This will be the best purchase of your entire life.  It will transform that dingy mattress to one of similar standards to your bed at home.  Pair it with the cutest sheets and comforter and you are all set.  Nothing is better than at the end of a long day getting into a comfy bed.  Also, you definitely do not want these taking up space in your suitcases that could be used for clothes and shoes.

2. Step Stool || You will probably raise your bed to fit your massive suitcase and other drawers underneath.  In doing so, your bed will be almost impossible to get up on so I recommend a stepping stool.  Based on what kind you get will determine if you can pack it or if you should ship it.  Some people I know had tiny fold up ones while others like me had monstrosities.  I actually used one of the cushions from Target that is like a seat with storage in it for extra room!  I loved it and it doubled as a seat for when people were over.

3. Vanity Mirror || I know a ton of people that did their makeup in the bathroom but I much prefer to do it at my desk.  I would suggest getting one with a light so that you can use it in the morning if your roommate doesn't like you turning on the dorm light if your class is before hers.  Definitely ship this bad boy with caution because you don't want to take any chances on the mirror breaking.

4. Vanity Storage || I assumed my freshmen year that I would just end up keeping all my makeup in the makeup bags I brought to school.  And while I did end up doing that, I think it would be way easier to have a few little awesome storage devices that you display and so you had easier access to your makeup.  Also, maybe get a simple jewelry hanger so you have a place to hang your jewelry instead of keeping it in tins in your desk drawers like I did.  This is something you can buy at the container store and have them ship it!

5. Command Hooks || I had cinder block walls in my dorm and absolutely nothing would stick to them.  The only thing my friends and I found that worked were the Velcro Command Strips and Hooks.  Also, sticky tack worked great for hanging photos!  You will use way more of these than you think and other people will definitely need some so stock up.  Instead of throwing these in your suitcase, toss them in one of the boxes you ship because you will probably use it with more of that stuff any way.

6. Trashcan || You would think that the dorm would provide one of these for you but they don't.  So make sure to remember your own if you don't want to walk all the way to the bathroom every time you need to throw something out.  Also, make sure you and your roommate each have a separate one because then you just have to worry about taking out your own trash and not sharing the responsibility which can lead to some unwanted fighting.  Fill this with odds and ends and put it in the box too.

7. Notebooks and School Supplies|| If you ship them early there is no worry about forgetting them!  That way you have them when you get there and don't have to rush to the bookstore and buy overpriced ones like everyone else.

8. Surge Protector || If your room will be anything like mine we only had two outlets on each side of the room.  My surge protector had like 10 plugs and I had things plugged into it at all times!  Also, be wary of buying extension cords because most dorms do not allow them because they are fire hazards.

9. Fan || Buy the best fan you can afford because you will need it.  My dorm didn't have air conditioning and that first month was a terrible.  I felt like I was baking in my own room and it was pure torture.  This might have to be something you just buy when you get there...I did and it turned out okay.

10. Huggable Hangers || Best. Invention. Ever.  Honestly how did I never think of putting felt on a hanger before?  These will save you so much room in your tiny closet.  But they are extremely awkward to pack so ship them early.

11. Desk Lamp (and light bulbs) || Don't be like me and remember the lamp but forget the bulbs.  This is another clunky item that you cannot travel with and will have to ship or buy there.  You need this when it comes to late nights or early mornings when your roommate is asleep and you are up doing work.  Also, most dorm rooms are just poorly lit in general and any extra light is needed!

I recommend going to either Bed Bad and Beyond or the Container Store and buying everything there and having them ship it.  It saves you so much storage and you usually don't have to pay for all the boxes and shipping then is normal charge.  If you know anyone remotely in the area of your school ask them if you can send it there, if not, most schools let you start sending good early because often there are students there for a month in advance who need to use the mail room.

What are some of your college packing essential tips?


August 8, 2014


This week was definitely a busy one.  I actually did a lot of shopping with friends and family in search of clothes and things I need before going back to school.  I went down into the city a lot this week so that was tons of fun but exhausting.  I go down twice a week for work but this week I feel like I was downtown almost every day.  Definitely not complaining though because I love Chicago and being in the city.  Honestly summer there is just the best.  But now on to some of the things I have been eyeing this week.

I love the site Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Her recipes are my favorite (to look at).  I am not one for cooking even though I clog my Pinterest feed with recipes because they all just look so amazing.  However, this lemon pasta recipe I might just have to try because it looks so easy and lemon anything is my thing.  It's funny though that the second I want to get into cooking I have to leave for college in 3 weeks where I can't do any cooking because I live in a dorm #figures.

Two || A Fall Jacket
I have been on the hunt for the perfect fall jacket for about a month now I cannot find anything I like or that fits me.  Every time I see a jacket I love it is too thin for those chilly fall days or it doesn't fit right.  Many people say that jeans or bathing suits are the worst thing to shop for but I think it is definitely jackets.  Because I am so tall (about 5'10.5") jackets are so difficult to find because the sleeves are never long enough or they crop at all the wrong places.  I am seriously struggling with this endeavor so if any of you know of any thicker military style jackets please hook a girl up!

Three || Natasha Lyonne
As previously discussed, I am obsessed with Orange is the New Black.  That show was a gift from the heavens and I love it so much.  I just finished watching both seasons and am going through serious withdrawal.  In order to cope I have been watching and reading interviews with the cast like crazy.  I stayed up so late one night watching every interview I could find online with Natasha Lyonne.  I think she is definitely my favorite on the show and learning more about her life was shocking.  You know the scar she has for heart surgery... yeah that is totally real and Natasha Lyonne had the exact same surgery that Nikki has on the show?!  You learn so much from interviews its insane.  And this will have to get my through until next summer because I don't know if I can wait until June 2015.

Four || Pinterest DIY
As you might know, I am doing a little series of Dorm DIY's so Pinterest and I are now BFF's.  When I was a kid I transformed an entire room in our house to my craft room and I would craft all hours of the day.  I would make everything from little paper animals to knitting.  I swear that room was the messiest place ever but it was my heaven.  I could stay there forever.  Since I am back home this summer, I like doing my DIYs in that room.  My mom came in and thought it was the biggest deja vu ever.  That being said, I am looking for some more wonderful ideas that I can bring back to my dorm and share with all of you.  

Five || Hilary Duff Chasing the Sun
And she's back!!  Live just got a whole lot more technicolor!  The fact that she has a new album coming out is the best news I have heard in the longest time.  This music video is amazing and I cannot stop listening to this song.  It is a major throwback to the early 2000's and my Lizzie McGuire days.  I like how she kept true to herself too and didn't change her sound based on the fact that it is a totally new music era now.  

August 7, 2014

Back to School Haul

The only good thing about going back to school is shopping for back to school.  Honestly it is the best excuse to spend days in store looking for bright new clothes to start the year off right.  You definitely need a new jacket or a new pair of shoes right?  Actually you probably don't but we all like to tell ourselves we need these new shiny things!  So I told myself I needed a new pair of jeans and some sweaters so I rushed over to the mall in search.  I came out with way more than I bargained for (that always happens) but I couldn't be happier.

First things first, I am sorry these photos are not the best quality, it was nighttime when I took them so I didn't get to use natural lighting.  Also, I am not quite sure why they are a bit blurry but whatever.

1. Ralph Lauren Oxford || I bought this shirt in two colors because I absolutely love it.  I already have it in the blue and white stripe, mint green, and white and needed more.  I am getting rid of the old white one because white shirts just need to be replaced after many (and I mean many) years of wear.  I highly recommend this shirt because the relaxed fit is tailored but is so comfy.

2. J Brand Maria Jeans in Supreme || I have talked about these before but I will say it again, I love these jeans.  Since discovering leggings jeans are very difficult to wear because they are too tight.  I get the best of both worlds with these bad boys though because they are amazingly stretchy but still maintain and tightness of jeans.  Also, they are high-waisted so they hide my stomach which I am a tad bit self conscious about.  I got these during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so they don't have the color (Supreme) anymore but the style you can find everywhere and these are a similar color!  I have worn these every day since getting them and its summer so that says something.

3. Lou & Grey Striped Top || I am beyond in love with this line from Loft.  All credit to my addiction goes to The College Prepster.  I want everything.  It is so soft and the sweatshirt/sweater feel to everything is beyond amazing.  If I could describe my style is would definitely encompass this.  Like comfiness with an edge.  Like a super comfy sweater, with leggings, and a statement necklace.  Yes please!  My first purchase is this shirt and I don't think I have taken it off since I got it.  

**Look at the pup trying to get in the shot.  I was very difficult to shoot this because he kept sitting on all my clothes!  I guess he loves the warm sweaters too.

4.  J. Crew White Sweater || This is the Drapey Beach Sweater but it is currently sold out online.  I got it in an XL so it is super big and oversized to perfection.  I cannot wait to wear this come fall with a red scarf and some riding boots!  Also, I just want to note that after all the sales that I applied to this beauty I ended up getting a $70 sweater for $16!  Yes, that's right.

5. Wilfred Grey Sweater || I love Wilfred.  You can find it in a store in Chicago called Aritzia but I don't know where else it can be found.  Let me just tell you though that everything is amazing and everything is extemely overpriced for what it is.  That doesn't mean I don't love to walk around the store for hours and lust at everything I want but can't have.  However, there was a sale going on recently and I decided to snatch up this sweater which I think I have been pining over for about 2 years.  I caved and finally bought it.  Worth every penny.  It is so think and warm I never want to take it off and think it will be perfect for Boston winters.  

6. Wilfred Free Grey Tshirt || Once again this shirt was purchased during a sale so I can justify spending the money on a simple tshirt.  But it is the softest tshirt I have ever felt so I know I needed it.  I have been loving paring it with printed pants, a blazer, and a statement necklace for work!  You can definitely pair it up or just with a pair of Nike shorts for a casual look too.  

What are some of your purchases for back to school?


August 5, 2014

DIY Tassel Garland

You could say I am mildly obsessed with tassels.  I don't know where this new love came from but I love them on shorts, shirts, and even garlands on my walls.  I have been seeing these all over Pinterest and who doesn't love a Pinterest craft?  I thought this would be perfect for my dorm decoration series!  And I have to say I love this so much.  I want to make tons more in so many different colors.  My only problem is that I don't know how I am going to get it to my dorm in Boston because I am flying... But for now it is hanging in my room at home and every time I look at I get super happy.  

A glue gun worked amazingly well for me but you can definitely try regular glue (you might just have to wait awhile for things to dry!).  I just used hemp rope to strip up my tassels but feel free to use whatever you can find.  The gold paper is slightly different than the normal tissue paper but I found it in the same section at Michael's.  

One sheet of tissue paper makes 4 tassels!  You can adjust the length of the tassels later.

I know in the photo the ruler says it is about 2 inches of border.  I however found that that was too much space once you open the tissue paper.  I found that a 1 inch border worked much better!

Unfold your tissue paper and cut at each crease where you folded.  This should divide the piece into four smaller sections.

When you unfold each section you should have fringe at either end and the center should have no cuts.

Roll your piece lengthwise.  Be careful not to twist the fringe too.

Next you are going to twist just the center part as tight as you can.  Be very careful not to tear the tissue paper though because it is super easy to do so.  Worse come to worse though you can just use the glue gun to put it back together (I did that on a few!).

Then you are going to bend the piece in have and twist.  Put glue on the twist to secure the tassel!

And finally you are going to string the tassels on the rope and glue them in place!  This is where the fun comes in.  You can totally make the string as uniform or as crazy as you want!  I went in groups of 8 colors but each group of 8 had a different order.  I love it when it looks totally random too!  A bit of advice, if you do decide to do both gold and silver foil paper, do not put them next to each other because they are extremely static-y and cling to one another like crazy!  I also really like when some are different lengths (you would just cut some length off the tassels).  I wasn't too brave to do that because I think my OCD my kick in if it wasn't a perfect disorder but they do look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this and good luck with your crafting!  Let me know if you try it out, I would love to see the results :)


August 3, 2014

Photos of the week

Hope you all had an amazing week and weekend!  Mine was filled with tons of work and lots of shopping (haul to come).  I picked up some much needed purchases for school and just some basics.  I am also dog sitting my brother's dog while he is on a two week long vacation so I have been having tons of fun with two dogs running around.  Where one goes the other goes and if I pet one the other whines that I am not giving him enough attention.

Beachin it.  Just catching some rays down by the lake.  Even though it actually wasn't a very sunny day.  Sometimes those are the best days though because the sun doesn't get it your eyes and I feel like I lay out without getting baked.

Oh work.  Gotta love it.  Here I am just wearing maroon pants, a grey oversized shirt, and white converse.  In the LuluLemon bag is a pair of heels I wear around the office but I have about a 15 minute walk from the train to work so I like converse.  And then I am sporting a Starbucks Chai latte.

Lunch one day was a BBQ chicken salad which is my favorite salad.  I got it a place called Red Robin here in Chicago.

The dog on the left is my baby Riley.  He is a Cotton de Tulear.  And the dog on the right is my brother's dog Mitch who is a Corgie mix with we aren't quite sure.  Walking these two crazies is an adventure in and of itself because they have to pee on all the same things and they fight for being in front.

One night my friends and I all had a BBQ down by the beach and a thunderstorm came in and we watched it from under the building.  It was quite the site to see and it was gorgeous to watch the sky get so dark so quickly but the sun still tried to shine through.

And finally, its my Dad's birthday today so we took him out to eat and he got this wonderful ice cream sundae to celebrate the big day.  The best part, definitely the whipped cream and hot fudge.  I am not much of a vanilla ice cream person so I ate the toppings and left the rest for him.  


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