January 19, 2015

Study Sessions

Sometimes getting away from campus can make all the difference.  I absolutely love coffee shops as a form of escape.  You can usually find some quaint cafes within close walking distance around your school if you are lucky.  These offer a great relief from the confines of your library (plus great food!) 

I used to find working in coffee shops to be way too overwhelming because I would get so easily distracted by the people in them.  This might just be my minor case of ADD or my insane love of people watching but coffee shops are amazing distractions.  However, I have recently come to love the humming noise of people talking as quite a comfort.  Being surrounded by such cool people all living very different lives kind of puts things into perspective.  

I used to live in the Starbucks around my campus but I am trying to venture out of the mainstream coffee houses.  While I don't actually like coffee (hello chai lattes!) I just find the atmosphere so comforting.  It offers a new environment from my dorm room or study lounges.  I'm still not too adventurous to break away from Chai lattes and I kind of want to try different ones everywhere in Boston!  The spices are the perfect pick me up in these cold winter months.  Ironically though it is 50 degrees and humid outside in Boston today...

Where do you guys like to study?  Also, if any of you are in the Boston area what are some of your favorite coffee houses - who have amazing Chai lattes?


January 17, 2015


My winter break flew by and I never got the chance to share my trip to Aruba with you all!  If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw some of the photos but I wanted to share a few of my favorites on here with you all as well.  

I'm and growing to love taking photos more and more.  When I was little I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer and that dream is something I have rediscovered.  While I don't own a super fancy camera or anything it is definitely something I am looking in to.  When I was a kid I begged my mom to let me transform a small closet we had in our basement into a dark room because I was obsessed.  That plan never really took hold because I was maybe 12 but still it was there.  

And while I mainly take photos with my iPhone it is probably the only thing I use it for (other than social media).  Sometimes things just look better through a "lens."  If any of you are into photography I would love to hear how you have expanded this love and where you started.  Right now I am wandering aimlessly in the dark and would love some inspiration to follow.

I can't quite get enough of the palm trees because I never see any in the Midwest or New England.  Plus, the blueness of the sky is just beyond gorgeous.

I mean sunsets and palm trees... #sold.

I love the ombre effect of the water as it gets closer to shore.  The dark blue gets brighter and lighter as it moves towards the shore.

This is a famous beach in Aruba called Baby Beach and it is known for how clear the water is.  It truly is that shade of blue and you can see all the way down to the bottom!  Those dark patches are rock formations underneath the water.

Another shot of Baby Beach!

We took a drive on the rough side of the island and saw the coolest rock formations and huge waves crashing against them.

There were so many random structures along the rocky edges that looked like the might have been homes but they were in the middle of nowhere! 

I walked outside one night and thought it was poring rain because the sky was so dark.  However it was just a dark purple shade that was the beautiful sunset that night.  Most bizarre sunset I think I have ever seen.

I wore my Harding Lane hat every single day while on the beach and absolutely loved it!  The color is beautiful and matched the sea water perfectly.


January 15, 2015


This was my first official week back at school for the semester and it already feels like I have been here for a month.  I can so quickly get right back into the routine of things that I feel like I never even left.  And to think that a week ago I was home playing with my puppy is unreal.  Whoever said syllabus week was a thing and college was sadly mistaken.  I have already had pages of reading and tons of meetings.  Definitely jumping in with two feet.  But here are a few things that I have been loving this week!

one || Friends on Netflix

I have probably seen every episode of Friends but I have not seen them all in order.  It is something that you watch when its on TV or there is a marathon.  You never really need to know the background because each episode does function entirely on its own.  But watching them all in order adds a totally unique perspective to the show and I am loving it even more!

This music video is so amazing and I may or may not have been a little teary eyed by the end of it.  I give permission to Maroon 5 to crash my wedding any time... or any life event of mine for that matter!

While we all know what some of the major events of 2014 were its interesting to see them documented through photos.  Plus anything with photography always gets me!  These photos are breathtaking and shocking.

I honestly don't think I have seen a funnier interview.  There was not a second in these 9 minutes that I wasn't not hysterically laughing!  Honestly it was just too good.  Jimmy Fallon's face when he realized he could have dated Nicole Kidman was priceless.

five || Gold Globes

Do I need to say much more than (1) award show and (2) Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and (3) beautiful people wearing beautiful clothing?  I cannot wait to start watching some of the amazing movies that won and am beyond ecstatic that Matt Bomer won (even though his name was pronounced incorrectly) because he is purely amazing and I highly recommend watching The Normal Heart if you haven't seen it.  Also, the joke about George Clooney and his wife was hilarious!  What your all of your favorite parts?  And the fashion was on point this year too!

What were some of your highlights this week?


January 13, 2015

Winter White

I often find that wearing white in the winter time can be very daunting.  Wearing white in general poses in own threats (dirt and food!) but there is something about the winter that makes it extra scary.  The slushieness from the snow and water can make white anything feel too see-through.  Also, there is the old saying of "Never wear white after Labor Day."  But in new years all rules of fashion have been tossed out the winter.  Wear whatever you want, when you want it.  And recently white in the winter is my favorite.  It just feels so much crisper and cleaner.  I still can't quite seem to manage white denim but let me know if you guys have any tricks for that.  I mainly just stick to white above the waste.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate white into your winter wardrobe:

I think white hats are the perfect accessory.  No matter what you are wearing there is no way they will clash.  Hats are something that you will wear every day in the winter time so you might as well get a versatile color.  White hats also look really cute in photos and the two ear-like pom-poms on this one are just a must!  You can find hats like this almost anywhere this time of year too.

This scarf from Urban is both knit and fur so its sure to guarantee warmth.  My all time favorite winter scarf is from Banana Republic and it is the biggest circle scarf ever.  Honestly in my opinion, you can never have a scarf too big.  I mean walks to class at night can be freezing cold and keeping your neck warm can make all the difference.  This is another perfect way to add the winter white into your wardrobe. (They no longer have the scarf in white but their are tons more beautiful white knit scarves on Urban's website and on Nordstrom's website as well!)

I used to reserve my light nail polish shades for spring and summer but recently I have been loving the lighter shades in the middle of winter.  First, the white nail polish makes your hands and arms look way tanner than you probably are (that works for all these white items too!).  And, the white nail polish is so classy, adding the perfect element of sophistication.

four || white sweater
Pair on top of a grey dress with black tights and black combat booties and you've got yourself the perfect outfit!  It's like you are a walking winter princess.  Add a crystal statement necklace and you can be your very own Elsa!  This exact sweater is sold out in white (I swear when I pulled all these pieces to make the image they were all in stock) but J.Crew as well as many other stores sell white chunky knit sweaters.

five || white peacoat
This is definitely a statement.  You have to be a brave soul to wear this particular jacket in the winter because almost no one else will be wearing light colors.  You will most likely only see black Northfaces and dark dark colors.  Why not break away from the crowd and wear white.  Plus you might even blend in with the snow #snowqueen.  I couldn't decide which coat to feature because I found two that I love and want.  So here is the second one I am absolutely lusting over from Vince Camuto and its on sale!!

Do you guys like to wear white in the winter and if so how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?


January 8, 2015

Snowy Marathons

Winter break is the best and worst three weeks.  I don't want to complain because when do you get three weeks to do absolutely nothing but they can get a little boring.  With not commitments and no plans getting stuck in your home is all to possible.  Plus, when there are massive snowstorms you have no choice but to stay inside.  This is when we all turn to the wonderful world of binge watching television.

The view out my window :)

I can't believe I am about to admit this but I just got Netflix a few days ago.  I just never felt the need for it because you can find any show you want anywhere on the internet and you don't need to play for it.  But then the boredom hit and I ran out of TV shows and I figured what the hell.  My family decided we would go for it.  And go for it we did.  We bought ourselves a Netflix account and my life has been changed.

The number of TV binge marathons that have been happening are shameful.  Friends.  Law and Order SVU.  Old Save by the Bell episodes.  OMG I'm in heaven.  I regret pushing back and not getting this wonderful program all these years.  I can't wait to delve into the worlds of the movies too.  The world awaits me and I am beyond excited.  Plus, I still have a few days of snow-induced laying in bed days.

Do you guys have any recommendations?


January 5, 2015


And one month later I am back to blogging.  I had so many blogpost ideas during the month of December but honestly life got the better of me and blogging got put on the back-burner.  I plan to start 2015 out with a fresh start and blogging.  

I have never really been one to create new years resolutions because they never work.  Also, I don't like the idea of people wanting to change themselves.  You can't create a new you but you can rework what you have.  Embrace yourself and set new goals.  Goals are something that can be achieved and are way more attainable.  Resolutions on the hand are not.  Smaller intermediate goals that lead towards the biggest one are the best option.  

I wish you all the best in this coming year and may 2015 be the best one yet.  This year I have a ton of awesome things planned and cannot wait for it.  Something tells me though that it will be going bye in no time and I will be writing a 2016 post in no time.

Do you guys have any awesome goals or plans for the new year?


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