March 31, 2015

I Want it All: Current Madewell Wish List

Madewell is currently serious on point. I am loving everything that they have in stores and on line and want it all. I have maybe gone into Madewell more times these past two weeks than any other duration of time. While I have only bought one simple black t shirt, I want it all. While a bunch of the items are looking amazing on line, when I go to try them on they fit totally wrong or. The Madewell girl has a super tall and super skinny body with no curves and I simply only fit half that criteria. I am tall but I have boobs and butt which sadly means some of the clothes don’t fit like they should. Which is sad, but you have to dress for your body, and not just buy things because they look good!

I also find that whenever I buy clothes from Madewell at full price they immediately go on sale a couple weeks later. Its like the Madewell gods say, “Oh look, Annie bought the item, let’s put it on sale now!” So I have decided that I want to wait out some of the items and see if they eventually go on sale and if they don’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. However, if I truly can’t resist waiting for the sale, I will splurge and buy the item at full price.

One of the biggest things that has stood out with me with Madewell’s new clothes is the simplicity of them. I think this has been a definite common theme among Madewell recently and definitely with my style over the past year. I love simple silhouettes. Simple t-shirts that are all just somewhat different in shape details or texture. Pairing this with jeans and flats for springtime or jean shorts and converse come warmer months. I definitely think this is where my style is leading towards and I am so excited. Plus, I am also trying to design a more European / Edinburgh style and I think basic pieces with help me get there.

What have you all been coveting after this season?


March 29, 2015

Own It

Yesterday I was able to attend a wonderful event here at Boston College called the Own It Women's Summit.  Basically the entire day was spent attending panels by women and for women showing how they own it in their professional lives.  Even though it was a crazy early morning wake up call after a long night at a karaoke bar for a friend's 20th birthday, the entire day was a blast.  I loved some of the speakers I heard from and walked away feeling empowered.  Even though I still have no idea what I want to do with my live, where my true passions lie, or even have a vision of where I see myself five years from now, I think the event definitely led me in the right direction to get there!  I think I might break this up into a few smaller posts rather than one long one as well because I think each message might come across a little better then.

Often times I find myself always thinking that I am not good enough to apply to a position or thinking that I am under-qualified so I shouldn't even bother to apply.  I'm sure many of you have also felt this way before.  What is interesting though, is even if men feel like that they do not meet the necessary qualifications to apply for a job or position but they want it or still find it interesting, then they will apply no matter their resume.  Women on the other hand, will not.  Often times we only apply to jobs when we know we have the potential to actually receive the offer.  Whether this is out of fear of failure or just our own self-consciousness, we don't own ourselves.  

We cut ourselves short before the world even has the chance to see us for what we are.  We fail to show the whole world who we are because he fear rejection.  I'm sure we have all heard the quote, "Go big or go home" before.  I've heard it while playing sports or going out with friends on the weekends, but never when applying to jobs or looking at my future.  Kate White, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine said that this was her biggest tip to women.  We should not be afraid of what people will think of us if we aim higher or bigger.  It is with those big and bold dreams that we are able to find our passions and our goals.  If we constantly apply to positions we know we are qualified for, then we aren't pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone.

Along those same lines, looking for your passion is not how you find your passion.  I think one of my favorite quotes from the day which is funny yet has a deep meaning is, "You have to be on the bus to Cairo to figure out what you want to do."  She told the story of a fashion director at the magazine who discovered she loved styling photo shoots while she was on a bus ride in Cairo and on the side of the road she saw a German fashion magazine having a photo shoot in front of a beautiful building.  It was right then and there that she figured out that that is what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.  We all will find our bus to Cairo one day but we can't plan for it.  Eventually something will find us that confirms this is what I want to do and where I want to be.  Therefore, if you don't know what your passion is just yet, it means that your bus is still out there, waiting for you to buy a ticket and ride it.

I look forward to posting more about this amazing summit because I think its important that as women we empower ourselves and that we feel comfortable to own ourselves!


March 19, 2015


This was one of those weeks where Wednesday felt like Friday and everything else just went downhill from there.  But maybe downhill was uphill because it was an amazing week.  I went out to dinner with my roommates and one of their dad's which was tons of fun.  Plus, who doesn't like a a delicious and free meal.  Then, one of my best friends from home came Wednesday night at like midnight so I spent all day yesterday with her and she will be here all weekend.  All in all it actually wasn't a bad week and I didn't have too much work to do for like the first time in forever.  Here are a few of my favorite things from the week!

One || Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This Netflix original was created and directed by Tina Fey.  And if that doesn't sell you on it immediately then the plot line will.  Basically it centers around a 30 year old woman who was kidnapped when she was in 8th grade by a crazy pastor who believed the apocalypse was coming and locked Kimmy and three other women in a bunker.  Then 15 years later they are finally rescued and that is where the show starts.  Kimmy decides to move to New York from rural Indiana and start her life over.  The show follow this naive woman through all her firsts.  The show had me hysterically laughing because not only are so many of the jokes blatantly obvious, its all the subtleties that add even more to it.  I highly recommend watching it!

Two || Tumblr

I know I am beyond late to this bandwagon but I finally got a Tumblr account and boy am I addicted.  I refrained from getting one for so long because I figured it was just like Pinterest for the hipster but boy was I wrong.  Yes, it is super hipster but thats kind of why I love it.  It gives me an outlet to unleash that inner hipster that is just dying to come out.  Plus, all the amazing outdoor photography is breathtaking.  My Tumblr right now is mostly outdoorsy and I love it!  Let me know if you have one and make sure to follow me (is that what its called... I'm still learning!!)

Three || To Write Love on Her Arms - Movie

This is the story of the wonderful organization To Write Love on Her Arms.  The movie staring Kat Jennings and Chad Michael Murray (he's back!!!) tells the story of Renee who struggles with mental illness and drug abuse.  It is the story of hope and brings a wonderful awareness to such a great cause.  I highly recommend checking out the movie and the organization.  The movie brought tears to my eyes in such a wonderful way.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend!


March 17, 2015

Dear Me

I don't know if you all saw these videos on YouTube the other week but I thought they were a really great idea and concept.  I've seen this done before but I thought I would add here as a document of this time in my life.  And maybe in ten years I will come back to this entry and write another one.  Basically the premise is to write to the you of ten years ago.  It can be about anything at all!  I strongly encourage you all to do this as well.

Dear me,

You are 10 years old and are probably in either 4th or 5th grade.  Honestly I wish you good luck.  I can guarantee that middle school is going to suck.  But don't sweat it.  Because middle school sucks for everyone.  Years from now you and your friends will be reminiscing about your middle school trials and everyone will laugh at it.  Those awkward times and moments may feel extremely monumental at the time but they will eventually become meaningless.  You will even get to the point where you don't remember most of it.  You will get into fights with friends and some of those friendships won't last.  This may be very hard but in the end it is these times that shaped you.  Don't have regrets.  I know you wish that you said yes when Caroline asked you to eat lunch with her because that might have made you popular years down the line.  But to be honest, that crowd is scary, and mean, and not the right fit for you.  Be proud of your choice to hang out with the friends you had.  Talk to your teachers more.  Some of them are truly amazing and you will want to hold onto the wisdom that they give you.  Write it down and keep it forever.  

Before you know it, middle school awkwardness flies by and the scary world of high school emerges.  You might even be able to say that high school is worse than middle school.  Kids are bigger and meaner and words hurt a hell of a lot more.  Be true to who you are.  You are going to want to spend tons of money to keep up with all the latest fashion trends and buy all the cool things.  And while this is great and it will start your love of fashion, know that it isn't necessary.  In the end, it isn't what you wear on your body or the labels you have but the friends you keep by your side.  It will take you four years to find your place in high school but I can tell you that senior year will be amazing.  Once again, rely on the teachers.  Some of the best people out there are the ones teaching your classes.  Don't be afraid to open up to them and just have wonderful conversations.  You will go through friends and every year will be a struggle, but know that the struggle makes you stronger.  You will learn resilience and perseverance and determination.

The struggle is never over.  And I know that sounds sad but please don't take that in a discouraging way.  I mean it in the best way possible.  Every day is worth fighting for.  And every day is tough and hard.  Nothing in life comes easily and you have to fight your way through to get it.  Can you imagine if you were handed happiness?  It might seem like the best thing in the world, because some people just seem to have their life together and were born with happiness in their veins.  But that's not true.  Everyone is battling and struggling and pushing through because that's what leads to happiness.  Stay strong because eventually it all leads to something better.

Good luck,

March 10, 2015

Be Present

I've been on a mental hiatus these past few weeks.  I'm not really quite sure why because I always have blog ideas and writing concepts in my head at all times but something totally weighed down my brain recently.  Between the stressful week of midterm exams and worrying about what to do for a summer job and for how long I want to study abroad I have been consumed in the future.  I know I often write on here about how I worry about the future a lot but it has become a reality to me that this concept plagues my consciousness.

I really want to try and work more on living full-heartedly (is that a word?) in the present.  Whether it being something something new every day or doing something that makes me happy every day.  I don't want to go to bed answering the question "How was your day? / What did you do today?" with answers like "Eh. / Not much. / Kind of boring. / etc."  Each day should be something unique and special.  

Being in college I find the days run together so easily.  Wake up. Go to class. Go to the library.  Go to meetings. Go to bed.  Through in the usual meals and this is pretty much the average day.  On one level this makes me sad.  I want something utterly amazing to happen every single day.  I know that is far-fetched and slightly extreme but isn't it what we should all be dreaming of.  On a second level, I love the routine of college.  There is something so safe and secure about college.  I feel like I know my place in the mini bubble.

I know the phrase "Live each day to the fullest" (or some version of that) is overused and trite.  Instead I want to rebrand that to simply "Be Present."  The simplicity adds to the weight.  You can take it be mean whatever you want or applies to the struggle you are going through.  Whether it be more present in school, more present in your family, more present in life.  On the literal regards, this means for me that I should worry more about today and less about a week from now.  And while I disgust planning with a burning passion, my thoughts of the past dwell more in what will I be doing then.  I want to let life flow instead have it mapped out in a straight arrow.


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